Optimize Your Product Detail Page to Convert Sales

Amazon customers will typically land on your product detail page after searching for a product and clicking through either on your product listing or product ad. But what happens after they land on your product detail page? Either, they’ll convert and purchase your product, or they’ll move on. So, it is critical that your product detail pages are designed so as to enhance customer engagement. Some factors that affect a customer’s buying behavior are web design, product images, product description, key product features, and enhanced brand content.

While design is crucial for any eCommerce website, there may be restrictions in your ability to customize web design on eCommerce platforms like Amazon. This is why your product images, product description, key product features, and enhanced brand content are so critical!

What is a product description?

A product description is copy that explains the functions of your product and why it is worth purchasing. Product descriptions are a great opportunity to tell your product’s story in either a witty, informative or serious way. Product descriptions allow potential new customers the opportunity to understand more about what your product can offer them before they make the purchase. Good product descriptions will not only provide information, but they will also convince the customer that they need this product.

Product descriptions also help sell your products by enhancing your customers’ experiences. When a customer lands on your Amazon product detail page, they might have a few questions, so this is your opportunity, as the seller, to answer them before they even ask! Without a product description, customers are more likely to move on and look at other competitors’ product listings.

Know your customers

Knowing your target market can give you insight into the wants and needs of your customer base. Understanding your customers and their buying experiences can greatly benefit you as a seller and allow you to adjust your product listing’s specifications in order to improve customer interaction. By reading your and your competitors’ customer reviews, both positive and negative, you will be able to not only improve your own product listing, but also your product offering as well. Doing this will help improve both your customers’ buying experiences and your company’s brand.

Titles that attract attention

While your product listing specifications are extremely important to improve customer interaction, your product title will be the first thing that customers see. Therefore, it is critical that your product title not only catches the attention of customers but also effectively communicates what your product is. Additionally, product titles should have keywords that have a high search volume track record. This will not only help catch your customer’s eye, but it will also help improve your product’s sales ranking. With that said, it is important to not haphazardly spam your product title with buzz words, because that can be extremely confusing for the customer to read. Your title should be long enough to appear on different devices (mobile, desktop, tablets, etc.) but not overstuffed. Titles should be eye-catching and have around 150 characters. Make sure to follow Amazon guidelines for titles.

Strong Bullet Points

Your product listing’s bullet points (also known as Key Product Features) are extremely valuable with regards to customer interaction. And while your product description is important, many Amazon shoppers do not scroll down to read your product description, but rather they rely on your bullet points to give them a quick overview of the product. And having well-crafted bullet points will help answer customers’ questions in an extremely efficient way. Lastly, depending on the category and following Amazon’s guidelines, your products key features are restricted to 150 characters per line.

Enticing Images

Perhaps more engaging than your product title, your product images are some of the most important aspects of your product listing. Images attract buyers and are the best way to communicate what your product is to potential Amazon customers. Product images should adhere to Amazon’s guidelines and be high-quality images.

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