Optimize Your Product Detail Page to Convert Sales

Optimize Your Product Detail Page to Convert Sales

Amazon customers will typically land on your product detail page after searching for a product and clicking through either on your product listing or product ad. But what happens after they land on your product detail page? Either, they’ll convert and purchase your product, or they’ll move on. So, it is critical that your product detail pages are designed so as to enhance customer engagement. Some factors that affect a customer’s buying behavior are web design, product images, product description, key product features, and enhanced brand content.

Amazon's One-Day Shipping And What It Means For FBA Sellers

Last week, Amazon announced plans to upgrade its free-shipping option from two-day to one-day shipping for Prime Members.  Over a decade ago, Amazon launched its Prime membership which helped attract millions of loyal customers and help build the brand it is today. Now with Amazons new plan to invest about $800 million in Q2 2019 to speed up the shipping process to one-day what could that mean for current sellers?

Amazon Pushes Vendors to Seller Central

Many merchants that have been operating under Vendor Central faced the harsh reality when Amazon halted their purchase orders without notice. Vendors who have been pushed out of the program in early March were now being redirected to Amazon Seller Central. This lead vendors searching for answers on why their business with Vendor Central changed without any warning.